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With our reseller program, it is easier than ever to benefit from the world's largest market, the internet. Become your own Web Hoster and we provide you with a risk-free way to resell professional web space, web service products and Domains.


This offer is aimed at agencies, web designers, webmasters, programmers, and self-employed Internet starters. Are you looking for a favorable way to procure Internet storage for customer projects and thus to earn extra money? With us you have a highly experienced and strong partner at your side. Get our products at wholesale prices and offer totally independent products under your own name and set your own prices.


With our powerful technology and excellent support service you are well prepared and equipped to provide your clients powerful services and professional presentations.



As a reseller, you do not need expensive investments in order to become a successful web host. We do not require basic, monthly or annual fee. Sign-up is totally free for our customers who like to resell our products. As a reseller you will save 15% compared to default pricing whenever you order a service or product through your customer account. We care about total transparency and ease of participation and waive commission scale. Each created order through your Customer Account is automatically discounted, with no ifs and buts!


Discount of  15 % on Web Hosting, Web Services and Domain Registrations


  Product Category

Application Preconditions


Discounting Quantity







  Web Hosting

at least 5 active packages


from 6th hosting order




at least 10 active domains


from 11th domain registration



  Web Services

at least 5 active packages


from 6th service booking



* To get accepted as a Reseller you must meet at least one of the "Application Preconditions" in the before mentioned table. The reseller discount is granted automatically on all subsequent orders after we have confirmed that your "Customer Account" has changed to a "Reseller Account". Please note that your reseller application must be submitted before reaching the "Discounting Quantity" for the respective product category due to the reseller account activation is performed manually by us. Please keep into consideration that placed orders before we have confirmed your application do not qualify for discount. For more information on participation in our program and the terms and conditions for resellers read our Terms of Service.



How to become a Reseller?


Nothing is easier than to be a reseller with us. Once you have met the prerequisites you can apply as a reseller. We then set your account status to "resellers" and let you receive a discount of 15% on each subsequent order. This means that automatically from your next order with us, the reseller discount is applied to all invoices. This applies to all orders for domains, hosting products and service packages. You remain our customer and will continue to receive the best service just by considerable reseller discounts and special promotions plus including professional technical support.


How the Reseller Program works?


We offer high quality products and the best support at resale prices, giving you the unique opportunity to resell our products and services under your own name and the right to set your own resale prices. Provide your customers with professional web hosting, fast domain registration, email services, or websites and place your order directly through your account with us. You will receive your reseller discount automated on every bill and we'll manage everything for you without having to get in touch with your customers. We are your counter part for technical difficulties and available 24 hours a day.




Become your own Webhoster as a Reseller