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Web Service Panel is a long-term experienced hosting provider and serves customers worldwide with high-quality hosting packages for private or business projects. The self-imposed objective of Web Service Panel is a straightforward distribution that ensure more transparency within web hosting and supports customers during the decision making process. Therefore, Web Service Panel offers only one complete hosting product and avoids a flood of different tariffs and technical specifications. With us, you get everything you need for a successful internet presence from a single source, at a reasonable price in a secure prepaid payment process and with flexible and freely selectable contract duration times.


In short, this means: "One Plan - all-inclusive - no tariff clutter..."



Unlimited Web Hosting


We don't like restrictions and know that Internet beginners and startup companies in particular cannot plan exactly in advance nor calculate exactly which services are required and to what extent. Anyone who is just starting out or has never had anything to do with Internet services can hardly foresee how successful a project will be and what technical equipment will be required.


To solve this problem, WebServicePanel.com sets new standards with its ultimate full-service hosting package and delivers a completely new hosting concept that is designed so flexibly that it covers all needs in one package and is provided at a fair fixed price, without term specifications or gag contracts . The prepaid payment method offers additional advantages, which ensures that you only pay for what you actually use.


What does UNLIMITED, UNLIMITED and LIMITLESS mean and how do our customers obtain these RESOURCES?
Would you like to learn more about our hosting concept, how we work and how we are able to offer unrestricted web hosting products?
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We embrace diversity and avoid artificial limitations when it comes to helping customers succeed online, whether it's a personal website, blog, corporate website, or webshop. With our complete packages, customers do not have to pay attention to the consumption volume or book constant upgrades to make ends meet. This gives our customers a perfect foundation and allows them to grow dynamically with our fixed price guarantee and unlimited features.
Our goal is to be able to offer affordable web hosting without evasions or additional costs in case of overuse or higher needs. In this way, we free up our customers' backs so that they can concentrate fully on their projects and business ideas. No matter how many resources a project requires, we offer everything in sufficient quantities and at no additional cost



All 'Unlimited' sounds awesome, it feels too good to be true doesn't it?
Unlimited packages include a variety of necessary resources and functions to run a website, for example, unlimited storage space, unlimited transfer volume, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, subdomains and email accounts, etc ...

Web hosting generally means that several customers use the existing resources of a server together. Static values ​​were set for this a long time ago, and each user received exactly their allotted share of it. But times change and unused resources have no benefit and also incur costs. Therefore, we have greatly increased the technology and capabilities of our servers, offering more than most customers would normally consume. Since the loads on a server can vary greatly depending on the time of day and the application, we use a clever solution that ensures that unused resources are effectively shared when needed. This means that there are fewer long loading times, failures due to overloading individual accounts or slow processing of processes. Because our servers immediately allocate the required resources to the respective account where a need arises and guarantee optimal operation of your projects on the Internet around the clock. This enables us to offer unlimited resources for the legitimate use of our hosting products.

So the right question is not whether our hosting packages are really unlimited, but how we plan our infrastructure and how our customers use the range of services. In order to have a transparent guideline, the basic agreement: "Conditions for Accepted Use (AUP)" was made to provide information about the permitted forms of use. This is a quality assurance measure and if all customers adhere to this agreement, we can answer the question of whether we really have unlimited with a resounding "YES".


So what does 'unlimited' mean in more detail and what is unlimited web hosting?
Technical resources are logically limited in their nature due to technical feasibility. In order to still be able to offer unlimited resources, we take care of precise planning and extensive data logistics. In this way we ensure that every customer, regardless of whether he runs many or a few websites, small or extensive projects; stable performance worldwide for its web hosting package. Unlimited simply means that we don't charge extra for higher usage. What is required is automatically available and so the hosting package simply grows with the success of your company and your projects, depending on your needs.

Since the demands of our customers are very different and some customers only operate a small private website and others an extensive, fully automated web shop, the resources used are shared and the servers do not exceed the performance expectations of our quality agreement. This is how we ensure that we will never reach or exceed the technical limit of our servers. Should a server nevertheless reach its performance limits, we place new customers directly on a server with sufficient free capacity. We don't sell more resources than we have! For our business model, overselling is not an alternative way of making money. We are experts and plan correctly to maintain the performance of our servers with the aim of offering the same quality and speed to every customer worldwide. In addition, we monitor all servers 24 hours a day to take immediate action when technical difficulties arise.

What is not allowed with 'Unlimited Hosting Packages'?
Our hosting packages are subject to various agreements that must be displayed and accepted by the customer before purchase. The following points contain concrete examples of forms of use that are NOT permitted:

• Websites with file upload / sharing / backup / mirroring / distribution service on the Internet.
• Pages created solely to provide content for external sites and do not include their own website.
• Making the included resources available to the general public (whether free or commercial).

It is not a fundamental science how we determine what are acceptable uses. From our many years of experience as a hosting provider, we have got to know some recording options and use them for regular evaluation. We have set some additional benchmarks for other parameters to monitor usage behavior for community performance assurance purposes, such as inodes. In most cases, experience has shown that customers with a high demand for storage space, which is well above the average of the other customers, use the resources set up as backup storage space, for video streaming or downloads. This form of use would not be permitted for reasons of impact on server performance and fairness to other customers. Customers planning such a form of use should use their own environment, such as a server or VPS, in order to be able to ensure a permanent solution for such demanding projects. Shared hosting is generally a quality service for many uses and compared to a dedicated server or VPS, it is a much cheaper alternative managed by experts.


What does this mean for our customers?
For most users, these precautions should not pose a problem and the unlimited parameters and limits will never be reached. The sale of hosting as an unlimited product is a way of renting that offers legitimate users unlimited options without having to constantly calculate and pay later.

If you have any concerns or questions about this concept, please feel free to contact us at any time. We would be happy to advise you and offer you the perfect solution for security and stability in the implementation of all your projects. You can reach Customer Service directly via the service area on this website.